Become an elite guest worldwide - our exclusive memberships with significant benefits for you!

Our Partners

Cube Travel is proud to offer a wide range of Preferred Hotel Partner Programs which reflect the best of the best in luxury travel. The following overview highlights our most valuable partnerships.

Through our firsthand expertise and personal connections built with luxury hotel providers around the world, these by-invination-only programs enable us to add exclusive complimentary value-added amenities to your reservation. - Thanks to our global memberships, we can VIP you at nearly every destination!

The benefits are only unlocked when booking through an eligible travel agent. No membership fees occur when booking through Cube Travel, and we quote the so-called “Best Available” or “best Flexible” rate displayed on the hotels’ websites. You settle your guest bill upon check-out.

Our travel experts look at travel as an experience that enriches your life, not a commodity to be bought at the lowest price. The value an advisor brings to that travel experience includes customizing a trip to your tastes and increasing the value of your travels.

You are a member of a hotel loyalty program? Many frequent guest programs don’t offer points or benefits for rates booked through popular travel websites. But since we book our member rate reservations directly with our partner hotels, you typically will enjoy all the benefits offered by the hotel’s program.

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